Energy Blockages in the Body


Life is full of flowing energy.  Energy flows like a river between all people and all things. It creates change. It is our soul’s life-blood.

But as you know, if a blood vessel is choked, a blockage is created and the whole system cannot function.

Our energy is the same way; it can also become blocked.

When a situation in our life is not allowing our energy to flow, our energy becomes stifled and can even create physical distress in our bodies.

Our bodies are deeply intertwined with our energetic body, our soul.

How Blockages Manifest in the Human Body

Energetic blockages can manifest as illness.  Of course, there are very real, physical, scientific reasons for illness.  Things of this world can never be IN this world without following natural, scientific laws.

However, the physical world and the physical body mirror the energetic world and the energetic body.

Examples of Energetic Blockages

Many people suffer with digestive issues because they have a hard time getting up and dealing with the day.

Many people have trouble with their eyesight because they are looking too far into the future or too far into the past and not enjoying the present.  I am severely farsighted and I am always planning ahead and concentrating on the future. Looking to the past or living in the present is a big issue for me.

Some people get a virus because they are not speaking up for themselves and they need a break.  Viruses also represent buying into the negativity of the real world.  Think of the News and the doom and gloom being spread.

Overcoming Blockages

Energetic clearing involves using energy to clear the pent up, stifled energy.  There are probably about a million different ways that you can direct energy, since energy is like a palette of colors, you can use your creativity and direct it however you’d like.   However, there are some simple ways energy can be cleared.

  • Yoga is possibly one of the best ways to clear an energetic blockage that has shown up in the physical body.  Yoga poses are designed to move energy through parts of the body.  For example, Camel Pose exposes the throat and neck allowing energy to gather and strengthen the Throat Chakra (energy center located at the throat).  If you feel you have an energetic blockage, look into yoga poses designed to strengthen the Chakras (energy centers)  that pertain to your blockage.  If you can’t do that, don’t worry because most yoga instructors design their yoga sequences to balance and move energy all throughout the body.
  • Another way to clear blocks is through the use of Reiki.  Reiki is a calm, healing energy from Source/God.  The presence of Reiki can release blockages on an energetic level.  In order to use Reiki, you must be attuned by a Reiki Master or you can receive a Reiki treatment at a local spa or spiritual center.
  • Rituals can help you get rid of blockages.  By ritual, I certainly don’t mean anything crazy like dancing around a fire half-clothed and sacrificing something! Rituals are just physical actions that mirror your thoughts.  A good ritual to clear an energetic blockage would be cleaning out your room/house and getting rid of objects that you don’t need.  Say you have photos from a negative, past relationship in your closet, get rid of them!  By getting rid of those pictures, you are getting rid of old, stale energy.

Last but not least, the most important way to clear energy is to get rid of the situation in your life causing the blockage in the first place.  The energy is being stifled becauseyou need to change your life for the better.  Maybe your relationships with people are toxic,  Maybe your job is sucking the life out of you.  Maybe you just need more time to yourself.  Find out what is wrong and change it.  If you cannot figure out what changes to make, journal or meditate for awhile on it.  The answer will eventually come to you.

At the end of the day, you can clear the blockages preventing you from moving on in your life.




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